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Posté le: 19 Avril 2018 10:23 || Sujet du message: Landstalker and the Treasure's of King Nole

I've been playing minecraft for a while now and I've began noticing that the dimensions of the game's objects are similar, if not closely the same to Landstalker - The Treasure's of King Nole. It's an old Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game. Puzzel game spread out on this Island called Mercador which houses multiple towns, castle, habour, dungeons, volcano and multiple areas which could lead to a massive area worth adventuring. Now on my own I would find a project to create a replica of the game's map (in full detail) from the Waterfall Shrine to the Gola's Treasure Room a rather daunting task. Aswell as a lack of ability to keep a server up. I would ask if anyone would be interested in creating a replica of this game's map onto a server?
This project can easily take a very long time (spanning months to years) depending on level of work being done per person, and how many people would participate with knowledge and understanding of the game itself. As for map details, this will have to be dug up.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this project.

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Posté le: 25 Avril 2018 12:07 || Sujet du message:
Recreation of Landstalker in Minecraft has already been done. Here is two projects..

Gavin Vonhoff:

Dean Woodward:

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